Kamernet Review - It insane how such a bad site can be the most popular in Netherlands

Kamernet - It insane how such a bad site can be the most popu


I hope I never gonna get to use this site again. Sometimes wont load, app works 10% of the time, and it cost a smaller fortune to search for rooms.

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Datum: 7 december 2018 - 11:00

Geschreven door: Angie

I am totally agree I think this is a big scam. I wanted to stop using their service and sent email. They replied that thay can't find my account but they can absolute find my account to keep deducting money. Even after I sent email to stop subscription, they sent an bill from incasso which is 200% higher cost of service !! what a scam website !! becarefull everyone never again with this !!

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