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A company that cares about the profit

Review over Kamernet

Shameful company. You have to pay for everything. If you want to react to an advertisment you have to pay extra or wait two days. In a busy city the last thing is not an option so, for every advertisement that you react you need to pay a few euros on top of the 20 for the account.

Well, you might say that they kind of control the rooms, but this is not the case. I reacted to an advertisement that wanted contact by email instead. It looked like a fine appartment but he was abroad and the only posibility to get it was to send the money and then receive the keys. Was it a fraud? Well, I didn´t have a way to know it so I didn´t take the risk. Wich says a lot about the quality of the advertisers of kamernet.

But the best part is yet to come. Accoring to their conditions when the account expires it is automatically renew. In my case I was busy with moving so I did not realized that they had charged the money until it was two late. I contact them and their answer was that if i refused to pay they will prosecute me. By the way I found somewhere that this practice is illegal, accoring to Dutch law DCC 6:233; as directed by EU Directive 2011/83/EC being an unfair commercial practice.

The ammount of advertisments it´s ok, but compared to facebooks groups is also really small.

So, not a cheap company, not a secure place, not a fair company, an awful customer service, inmoral politics and not the biggest offer. What is their good point?

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They are easily found

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Secure? (I don´t know for sure, since I refused to pay the advertiser by email)
Customair service
Unmoral atomatical renewal politics