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Tenants will forbid you to ventilate the place and open a door for fresh air, they will stalk you and harass you, inspire they are not allowed to because you pay for it and you also don't bother them when they use facilities what they pay for. The landlords wife lies and does as if she knows everything. Lies about you and previous tenants to other tenants so there comes escalations between them, she puts people up against each other. It will cost you a lot of money and misery. You can't sleep and eat from all the sorrow and your body will ache from all the things you go through. Although you are doing well and are quiet, minding your own business, they will make your life a living hell. They spread lies to the judge, police and everyone about me so I needed to go to jail. Of course the police and head of the judges will see through all the lies and set me free. But all the damage that has been done to me is irreversible. Don't put your life at risk, stay away from this malicious landlord and his even worse wife. All the damage that they caused you, nightmares from prison, destroying your image (which you have built so careful by hard working your whole life), all of that can NEVER be reversed. It's better to die than live there. Younger girls/single women please be careful!

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Destroying hard working people completely for fun, being completely inhumane