Bad service and bad bussiness practices

Bad service and bad bussiness practices

Directwonen is a lacking service where you don't get responses from landlords and where the listings are mostly old (i got only a couple of responses saying the property was rented out out of a lot of messages sent). Not only that but they also make use of the so called 'subscription trap' where you get automatically billed the next month if you forget to unsubscribe from their 'smart' feature and they don't give you a chance not to sign up for auto-renewal. I had also a kamernet premium account but they messaged me three days before my new billing period would begin (good customer service). I emailed directwonen within 15 minutes of the new subscription taking effect telling them I had no need of their service anymore as I have found an apartment somewhere else and to please cancel the transaction. They refused saying this was specified when I made the smart account in the first place. While true, that is just an anti-consumer practice: we don't care if you don't need our service or if you're not gonna use it, we got you to agree to pay so too bad, sucker. As a conclusion, stay away from directwonen, their poor service and unethical practices.

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-Sub par service -Doesn't give you a heads-up that you will be billed again -Overall shady

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