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Last updated: 4 december 2018
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DirectWonen: sinds begin 1990 hebben we al ruim 120.000 mensen aan een huurwoning geholpen, bent u de volgende tevreden klant?

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DirectWonen - Fijne website!


Ik ben zeer tevreden met Direct Wonen. Veel leuk aanbod, gebruiksvriendelijke site, snel in contact met verhuurders.

Sterke punten:
Veel en leuk woningaanbod
Fijne website
Direct contact met verhuurders

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DirectWonen - Worst experience ever with this company


Directwonen is the most useless website I have ever used and I have tried many of them in a short period of time. You get e-mails with exactly those apartments that suit you, but many sites offer that, it is not something new. If you buy the smart account you can even send e-mails in response to adverts. The sad thing about this website is, that the adverts are not renewed on the site and therefore most(if not all) adverts you see on the site can be also found elsewhere and many of those have already been rented out.
usually, you have the opportunity to share all your fancy details with them like recent payslips and document pictures, which are linked to your profile and what also landlords can see. Does not seem like that good idea to me, however, if you do not add anything you most likely do not get any replies. I did not at least, I used the site for a month and sent out many many letters to landlords only to find myself desperately sleeping in a car and wondering if I am ever going to find a place.
Oh, and they charge you with more money also, if you do not cancel your renewal you will end up paying so much more than this site is ever worth... Which I also did, and I believe is the only income for this site - to take money from those who do not end their subscriptions.

When you still consider using directwonen think again - many sites offer that and more for the same or even less money.

Sterke punten:
Website actually looks quite good

Zwakke punten:
Does not really help
You probably will not get answers
ads are not renewed
automatic charging system (you will not get your money back either)

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